The following is a guide for the layout of volume pages. Note the orange text gives a description of what goes in each section. Referencing is not needed because the only source that information on this page may come from is the manhwa volume in question itself (with the exception of the optional notes section).

Simple input


Volume pages should be started with the Volume infobox. Then, the following: (Title of the volume, if any, in English) is the (volume #) of the Id manhwa. The cover-image of the Volume should be included in the image section of the Volume infobox. If possible, any text should be removed from said cover image.

Summary of Chapters

List the chapters with ; and link them to their corresponding page. Next give a very brief list of the major events which took place in this chapter. This should include no more than around two or three sentences per chapter.

  • Images

The only image on this page should be that of the cover found in the infobox.

This layout was taken and modified from the InuYasha Wiki. Not everything will work or will pertain to this wikia