Id takes out the wyvern, rearranges the forest to hide from Rodini, and later fights him. Rodini and company catch up once again.


Id jumps and attacks the wyvern, cutting of its wings. Ilran finishes it off with Magnum Fire Spear. With the defeat of the wyvern, the orc leader flees.

Later, the group sets up camp. The young Prince excitably marvels at Id's fight against the wyvern. With the kid engrossed in Id, Grey asks Locklin if they had met before. The two then try to deceive him but end up triggering his memory instead.

Id then stops Grey from attacking Locklin, informing them all that there were a large group heading towards them. They prepare for combat but Id, sensing the leaders strength, tells them to hide. He then manipulates the forest.

The group arrive but only find the campfire. The leader swings his sword at a near by tree after he thought he had heard something. His attacks fly off in all directions, leaving the tree unharmed. Rodini, noticing blood, tactfully orders a retreat, saying that they are to head to a nearby border village, and leave.

Irlina heals the cut on Id's arm while everyone else yells at Grey for not staying quiet.

At Id's insistence, the group takes off quickly.

Rodini ambushes Id, who uses the gauntlet as a shield against Rodini's sword. Drawing Lemia, he defends against Rodini's dagger attack. During the short engagement, Id's komodo dragon is killed and Id hits Rodini with a ball of ki. Landing on Irlina's mount, the group escapes.

Having past the border checkpoint, Locklin asks Id about the skill he used back in the forest. He explains that it is like magic but uses the elements of nature instead of one's own mana. Thus, the enemy could not sense their mana. (In other words, he manipulated the surrounding mana to mask their own.)

The Prince says he is tired and Locklin asks him to endure, as they have about a half a day's time until they reach the territory of Marquis Waylan. However, the enemy once again shows up.

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Rodini (first named)
AT Kenny


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Speculative CornerEdit

Wonder how the mercenaries were not detected by Id that last time but were in the forest?