Id finishes off the demon king.

Chaos Kills Geruman.

Id, Laillo Sidgar, and, surprisingly, Irlina, leave the elf village.


Id picks up a staff, or it may be a spear, ties some cloth to it's ends and shoots Lamia like a arrow at the demon king using the technique One Blade Soul Striker. After killing the demon king, Id convinces Lamia to change back into a brooch by telling her that he will talk to her more often. Irlina approaches and Id tells her that the village is now safe, only to realize that he destroyed it. Looking on, Laillo Sidgar self comments that one spending their entire life improving ones power, it would not amount to even half of what Id had just used.

After the man watches the fight, he leaves. At his destination, he is greeted by a beast-looking person who informs him that Geruman is completely mad. Meeting with Geruman, the man kills Geruman saying someone more interesting has shone up.

Back at the village, Id says that he will continue traveling with Ilran's party, as he has not found a way home yet. However, Irlina would have to help with rebuilding.

The Elder sees Id and Laillo off. Thanking Id, she asks for his name. He says his name is Id and asks about Irlina. The Elder reacts to Id's name and Laillo informs her that it is just coincidence about his name. As the two leave, they come across Irlina who says she wants to go on an adventure.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Laillo Sidgar
Chaos (unnamed)
Mercio (first appearance; unnamed)
The Elder


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