The mage's seal is released. Laillo Sidgar starts to fight the dark mage but Id has to step in when the former's dragon power is sealed.


A mysterious man narrowly escapes the notice of Selenia. Excited about Id's name, the man decides that he needs to test a doubt of his.

Upon being shown the seal by the Elder, Laillo Sidgar vehemently disses the power of the elves. Later that night, Id calls Laillo out to fix the latter's attitude. As Laillo just begins to transform, the two of them feel the seal coming undone.

Back at the tree that is the seal, the mysterious man releases the 200 year old seal.

Laillo then challenges the dark mage. As he pummels the mage, Id comments that his attacks are much like the so-rim[1] military arts. As Laillo is about to finish off the mage, the mage transforms, stabbing Laillo in the side with a protrusion from his forehead. Laillo sends the mage flying. From where the mage fell emerges a now transformed demon king/lord.

Laillo begins, again, to transform so that he could use Dragon's Breath but the man seals Laillo's powers. The demon king launches an attack. Id temporally activates his dragon heart and shields Laillo against the blast using dragon fist. Skeletons then spawn and battle breaks out with the elves. Even Irlina draws her Wand Blade. After protecting Irlina's rear, Id draws Lamia. Fighting, and frustrated, Id uses Torrent of blades/Sharp Blade Downpour?. Lamia informs Id to target the demon king. As Id fights his way over, the demon king charges Dark Canon Revolution. Id blocks the attack, dumbfounding Laillo with his strength. Id then swings, landing a blow on the demon.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Chaos (unnamed)
Laillo Sidgar
Lamia (sword)



Kmts translation

  1. (Korean; shaolin is the Chinese name)