Id finishes telling of his meeting Greydrone. Selenia commands Laillo Sidgar to go to the elf village.


Lamia chooses her master, asking Chunhwa to be with her for eternity. Answering with a stuttering yes, Chunhwa is then kissed by the spirit Lamia. With that, the contract is complete and Chunhwa regains consciousness.

Greydrone utters his confusion that the sword's master is a mortal. Witnessing Chunhwa wielding the sword, he comes to a fatherly understanding. He then says that he can rest at ease; that a dragon's lifespan is around 10,000 years. He then asks Chunhwa to convey a spell and skill to others in the dragon tribe for him. Not giving Chunhwa the option to answer, Greydrone casts one last spell. His last words, part of the spell's chant, are: “I bestow upon him my all... I Greydrone, reincarnate within him...”

Finished with the Id's story, Selenia says that Greydrone is now resting. Id agrees, and mentions the Class-13 Spell. Laillo Sidgar voices his disbelief and Selenia concurs. Id says that he now has Greydrone's dragon heart and Selenia suggests that that might make it possible.

She then asks if Irlina is his girlfriend, as she finds no other reason for the two of them to be together. Irlina answers no and Id jokes that they have been found out. Laillo makes a snide comment. Taking offense, Id informs Selenia that Irlina came to get the Sphere of Seals from Lail but that he broke it and refuses to take responsibility. She then orders Lail to go to the village.

Just before she sees them on their way, Selenia gives Id a gauntlet saying that as long as he wears it she will know where he is. Finally realizing it, she asks for his name. Hearing Id's name, Laillo becomes enraged, again. Selenia blows off Laillo's outburst, saying that it is nothing to worry about, and reprimands Laillo again.

As Laillo uses warp, Selenia senses something. The last scene is that of that of someone's lower half standing on a tree branch.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Chunhwa (Id)
Lamia (spirit/sword)
Laillo Sidgar


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