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Id and Irlina meet with Laillo Sidgar, after Id battles him. They then go to see the Dragon Lord.


The gold dragon releases his dragon's breath attack (from end of previous volume). He then chides himself for destroying part of his lair when he notices that his target yet survived. A mortal had blocked his blast. Unknown to the dragon, Id had used Lamia to shield against the attack.

Id asks the dragon if he had calmed down yet so that he may speak with him. The gold dragon takes Id's actions as disrespectful, further angering him and he prepares another blast. Id yells at the dragon. The dragon is taken aback, for a moment, he felt fearful of the human before him. He then feels an aura of a dragon emitting from the man.

The dragon the morphs, taking on a humanoid appearance. He then asks Id why he had come and caused a ruckus at his lair and Id points out that he was not the one destroying things. Id then starts freaking out when he realizes that Irlina is unconscious. Annoyed, the, now, humanoid-looking dragon used warp to take them to another location.

Irlina wakes, sitting up fast, headbutts Id. Seeing that she is awake, the dragon asks again why they have come. Id introduces Irlina to Laillo Sidgar, the great gold dragon. Irlina starts to introduce herself but Laillo cuts her off as he just wants to get to the point. Told that she wants the Sphere of Seals, Laillo calls for Inta who then informs Laillo that it was in his possession. She then says that 12 years and 27 days ago he was experimenting sealing [bless] and broke it.

Laillo's attitude ticks off Id and he demands that Laillo call the Dragon Lord. With Laillo enraged, Id tells that he came with a message for the Dragon Lord. With Laillo threatening to destroy the elf village, Id says that the message was from Greydrone. Laillo ponders this out loud say that he (Greydrone) should already be in his hibernation.

Id then tells Irlina that they are leaving, as Laillo does not believe him. Laillo, again, uses warp and takes the three of them to a cottage where they meet the Dragon Lord.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Laillo Sidgar (dragon-form, human-form later)
Lamia (sword-form)
Inta (first appearance)
Selenia (first appearance; unnamed)


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