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Volume 6
Volume 6 cover
Illustrator A.T. Kenny
Published by Bookbox
Publication Order
Preceded by
Volume 5
Followed by
Volume 7
Chapter 1
Id and Irlina meet with Laillo Sidgar, after Id battles him. They then go to see the Dragon Lord.
Chapter 2
Id starts to talk about his coming to the world and meeting with Greydrone.
Chapter 3
Id finishes telling of his meeting Greydrone. Selenia commands Laillo Sidgar to go to the elf village.
Chapter 4
The mage's seal is released. Laillo Sidgar starts to fight the dark mage but Id has to step in when the former's dragon power is sealed.
Chapter 5
Id finishes off the demon king.
Chaos Kills Geruman.
Id, Laillo Sidgar, and, surprisingly, Irlina, leave the elf village.
Chapter 6
Id saves Prince Ratreun's escorts, Grey finds the kid (Prince) on the river bank.