After Tournament encounters and recuperation.


Grey is helping with reconstruction when Hael shows up asking about Ilran. Grey finishes eating as he and Hael's conversation concludes. As he stands and stretches, Grey is run over by a kid. The kid tries to flee and Grey grabs him by the ankle, tripping him. The kid acts high and mighty and Grey starts to slap him for being rude. Grey gets infuriated when the kid tries to pay him off. To avoid being beaten, the kid wacks Grey in the shin with a small piece of lumber and bolts. A worker drops a large timber.

Ilran attends the grave of Lauri and remembers the first time he saw him with his father.

Grey jumps, grabs the kid, saving the kid from the beam. The kid, in gratitude, allows Grey to kiss the back of his hand. This pisses Grey off and he starts to punish the kid. As he is doing so, a large, fierce looking, man grabs Grey for harming the young master. The kid orders the man, named Locklin, to stop, as Grey had saved his life.

As the kid is dragged back to his quarters, Locklin unleashes killing intent and both thanks Grey for saving the kid, again, and threatens Grey to keep quite. As he leaves, he gives Grey a purse of gold coin.

Ilran shows up as Grey tries to recollect the gold, as he had thrown the bag against a wall. Grey then shows Ilran and Hael a drawing of the crest Locklin wore so that he can punish the kid.

Uninterested in Grey's revenge, Hael and Ilran return to the Blue Season. There they find Reindelph flirting with Geraris.

Upstairs, Irlina watches over Id. The unconscious Id dreams some of his memories: the first time he met Oakbing, meeting Greydrone (and the former's thoughts about making a god with his own hands), and his friends that he made. Lamia appears last and commands Id to wake up.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

A.T. Kenny [1]
Ratreun (not named/first appearance)
Lamia (spirit form)

Speculative CornerEdit

  1. Confirmation needed. May be another character named Kenny


K-Magna translation.