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Id, who is now using Greydrone's heart, and Cleon continue their fight.

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Cleon is stunned by Id's strength and asks, “You there! WHAT are you really?” “What do I seem like to you?” Id swings his sword releasing a blast of power and taunts Cleon. Cleon insists that Id can't defeat him. Id raises his palm and uses Wind Blaze Seal. Cleon retaliates with Hell Buster and Giga Deil. To Cleon's surprise Id survives and Id's follow up attacks push Cleon back. Id then asks the question, “Do you like... birds?” and uses the technique, Sword of the Fiery Phoenix. Cleon counters using Final Ending. Seeing that the attack was not enough, unleashes another called White Phoenix, forcing Cleon to his knees.

Id belittles the power of the demon god and says that he could even beat him without using Lamia. Id tosses Lamia to the side. Cleon attacks with Dark Cannon Revolution again. Id, repeatedly ignoring Lamia's plea to stop straining himself, searches Greydrone's memory for a technique and comes up with one that surpasses the demon god's power.

Cleon releases the powered up spell as Id charges his fist. Id throws a punch, releasing Dragon Fist which engulfed and returned the former spell at Cleon.

Lamia comments to herself that Id forced fused both his own power along with Greydrone's, which allowed Id to block the spell. However, Greydrone's power had not yet fully merged with Id's, thus, Id's heart is on the edge of exploding.

As Cleon rises, he asks Id, “Are you... a G-god?”

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Id (with eyes of a dragon)
Cleon (in the full demon form of the demon god)


Translation and quotes by K-manga.

Speculative CornerEdit

Lamia says that Id fused Greydrone's power with his own which allowed him to overpower Cleon's spell. This may mean that Dragon Fist (a variant of dragon's breath) may have been originally on par with Dark Cannon Revolution.