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Shocked by Percer’s sudden transformation, Id asks about his red hair, and Percer explains that he has awakened. Since Percer was released from the Crimson Rock, he occasionally changes like this and does not understand why, but he is certain about one thing. Percer moves in front of Id and responds that he becomes stronger before attacking Id. Percer's awakened power overwhelms Id, but to Percer's expectations Id is able to endure. Percer explains Chaos' orders not to kill Id under any circumstance, and Id begins to yell at Percer for blindly following Chaos' orders. Percer defends Chaos' saying there is reason behind his decisions, which leads Id to realize Percer remembers the events at Ground Zero ten thousand years. Percers explains that his memories of Id were a bit hazy, but he has always known about Id's existence, which is the reason he tested Id's skills the last time they met. Id argues with Percer for still following Chaos' orders and Percer argues that Id does not know what happened at Ground Zero since he heard it second hand from a survivor. Percer defends that Chaos' decision and tells Id that he knows nothing. Percer states that Chaos believes Id will join them and told Percer to leave him alone. Since Id has no intention of joining them, Percer decides to kill Id even though this will anger Chaos. Percer . Id tries to talk to Percer but is put on the defensive and overwhelmed knocked to the ground.