Chun Hwa learns about Creation and the red stones. He locates a treasure horde and flees from the guardians. He gets "saved" by a group of people after exiting the cave.


Chun Hwa is informed, by Lamia, that the red stones contain information. She relates the story of Creation, the creation of light, darkness, and chaos. However, the Creator, fearing chaos, had it sealed but six fragments fell and were sealed later inside of red stones. Having deduced that the red stones before them may be the fragments, the stones suck in light and vanish. Chun Hwa dismisses the story and continues on.

Continuing on, Chun Hwa comes to a room filled with treasure. Though told not to, Chun Hwa takes from the horde. This puts Chun Hwa on the receiving end of the goblin-hybrids wrath. Fleeing, Chun Hwa exits the underground only to be cornered on a ledge too high to jump from.

Turning to fight, a group of five people, mistakenly thinking that he is a she, intervene. One with a staff asks Grey and Reindelph, who identifies the speaker as Ilran to buy some time for him. The other two members, Hael and Irlina are asked to stay away and Grey and Reindelph jump into combat.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Chun Hwa

Speculative CornerEdit

We see six stones floating, one large one and five smaller ones. However, from this and other scenes, it can be implied that there are a total of seven stones, one located behind the first speech bubble.

When Chun Hwa says that the stones disappeared but we are left with the image of one stone left. Does this support that there are seven stone and that only six stones disappeared, perhaps.