Volume 1
Volume 1 cover
Illustrator A.T. Kenny
Publication date August 1, 2002
Published by Bookbox
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Volume 2
Chapter 1
Chun Hwa awakens in a forest, falls in a hole, and gets trapped in a dungeon.
Chapter 2
Chun Hwa learns about Creation and the red stones. He locates a treasure horde and flees from the guardians. He gets "saved" by a group of people after exiting the cave.
Chapter 3
Chun Hwa watches the fight and its conclusion. He names himself "Id" and starts his journey with the people that came to his aid.
The group buys new clothing and Id is targeted by thieves.
They continue traveling together the next day and run into a group of bandits.
Chapter 4
The guys, minus Id, fight the bandits.
Chapter 5
Id takes on Edbuck; Reindelph finds the mastermind.