The Elder refers to three individuals, all are leaders of elven villages.

High elven villageEdit

High Elf Elder

Currant Elder of the High Elf village.

The former High Elf Elder died to seal an evil mage. The next Elven Elder tasks Irlina with retrieving the Sphere of Seals from Laillo Sidgar when the seal on the mage starts to fail.

Dark elven villageEdit

The Elder

Elder of the Dark Elf village.


Ground Zero ArcEdit

She was saved by Id, to whom she grew particularly attached. During the final battle of Ground Zero, Id entrusted her to her future foster parents so that he may confront God.

After Id defeats God, Chaos returned to surviving inhabitants of Ground Zero and started slaughtering them when they all suddenly vanished, leaving only the Elder and her foster parents.

Princess Meira Keisa Escort ArcEdit

Chaos goes to the Forest of Khali to meet the Elder in order to find out more on his lost memories.

When Bellephor's party arrives at the forest, Cheyna recognizes Id and brings them to the Elder. The Elder informs Id about Chaos and directs him toward Kaarin's Tree in order to cure Arael's sickness.

After Bellephor's party leaves the forest, Procas confronts the Elder about his daughter, Arael, but she tells him to trust Id.