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Hi, there. I'm your admin, Adginer. There is not a lot of activity, other than myself.

I hope you like the dark look. I, myself, like darker colors. None of that black on white, hurts my eyes, stuff that is standard everywhere. If you have any suggestions/feedback, please feel free to leave me a message.

Other than trolling the wiki, I am trying to rework the character infobox to show more data. I'll say this: Three days and headache accomplishment.

Also! I am trying to organize the categories.

note: if you are creating a category, please make it plural. There may be exceptions but use this as a rule of thumb. It looks more professional. Thank you.

I would like to note that I am looking at other, similar, wikis to see how they are organized. Best one I found is IunYasha

Here are some of my ideas and category tree that I am working towards. I'll probably update this as I think up more. I'd rather update this than make them then the next day go, "Ugh, why did I do that?"

  • The Greatest Fusion Fantasy (main category)
    • Individuals (list all characters or should this be split up into novel and manhwa?)
      • Deceased
      • Dimension travelers
      • Individuals by era/By era/Era Era/Period/Setting???
        • Gressen individuals
        • Ground Zero individuals
        • Middle Kingdom individuals
      • Individuals by gender/By gender/Gender
        • Females
        • Males
      • Individuals by species/By species/Species
        • Deities
        • Demons
        • Dragons
        • Dwarves
        • Elves
        • Fragments of Chaos
        • Humans
      • Royalty (Or should this go under profession?)
      • Individuals by profession/By profession/Profession Profession/Occupation???
        • Archers
        • Martial artists
        • Mercenaries
        • Priests
        • Roun Fighters
        • Summoners
        • Swordsmen
          • Swordmasters
            • Great Silvers
    • Items/Weapons/Objects???
    • Locations
    • Lists
      • Groups
    • Manhwa (all pages that deal with the manhwa content)
      • Manhwa-exlusive
    • Novel (pages that deal with novel content)
      • Novel-exclusive
    • Trees

I am still debating on weather, or how, to deal with novel pages, in the event that they are added. Should there be sub-categories under the novel category? Or not?