Irlina Celesopilo Is a high elf that later becomes Id's romantic interest. Her primary goal was to obtain the Orb of Sealing that was possessed by the gold dragon Laillo Sidgar to protect her village from a demon. She first joined the group of Ilran, Grey, Hael, and Reindelph for protection while traveling across the cursed forest of Scion. It was here that she runs into Id a few moments after he teleports into the world of Gressen the party "saves" him from a horde of goblins.


She has long blond hair is very beautiful and has a large chest.


At first, she seems to be calm and collected, showing little emotion. Id remarks that he didn't believe Irlina to be able to show emotion until she was visibly distressed after relaying the facts about her village and the demon. After the Magic Tournament Id is injured and put into a coma like state to recover. Irlina watches over him everyday even to the point of her not eating.

As time passes by, she slowly starts to care more and more for Id, even to the point of leaving her village's rebuilding to continue traveling with him. When Lailio tells Id about the Name ID, Id becomes more distant from Irlina. Irlina shows jelaousy when Id talks about his Noona-nim


Magic Tournament Arc: Irlina agrees to Id's plea that the group stays a day or two to participate in the great tournament. After witnessing Cleon attack Id, she tries to heal him before being teleported away along with everyone else, minus Id, Cleon, and Lauri.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit