Ilran - Kopia

Personal Information
Name Ilran
Race Human
Age 40s
Gender Male
Occupation Mage
First Appearance
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1

Ilran is a one of the protogonists of the series and is a skilled mage with a deep understanding of magic. He is one of the people of the initial party that wanders around with Id



Ilran is calm and strategic in contrast to Grey and Reindelph. He acts like an older brother to Grey and is acquainted with him since a very young age. He idolizes Great Sage Lauri and has vowed to surpass him someday.


Ilran is first introduced to the story when Id comes out of the dungeon and Ilran and the party helps to eliminate the goblins who were after Id. They proceed to go Kelvin and he enters the Magic tournament held there.

During the 1st round he easily overwhelms his opponent, In the 2nd round he faces Dark Mage Cleon who has sold his soul to devil. He loses and his soul is sucked by Cleon. Id interferes and fights Cleon to take back his soul and succeeds in reviving Ilran.

Ilran and the party then goes on to follow Id. They proceed to escort the crown prince to Marquis Waylen's estate. They are seperated with Id. However as Marquis Waylen betrays the crown prince in order to usurp the throne, they take Prince Cline and goes into hiding. They are falsely branded as criminals for kidnapping the Crown Prince.

Then they go to Mount Racknov and meets with Princess Gerise. He along with Reindelph and Grey goes on to save Princess Gerise from being offered to the Dragon as a sacrifice and manages to destroy the Dragon, thus saving the Princess.

Then they proceed to Gaaila where they hand over the prince to the Emperess whilst fending off an assassin attack of Randol.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ilran is an autodidact in magic (when young, he didn't have any money to pay for school). He doesn't have a lot of mana, but know how to use it best.

He seems skill in fighting too.

Spell knowns

Furie of heaven.