"In the beginning, darkness was born from light. In this darkness, chaos was conceived. The meaning of HIS existence is to become a cowardly onlooker and rebel against the GODS..." - Chaos

"Before heavens and the earth, God created LIGHT, and with its creation DARKNESS came into existence. These two contrasted and condlicted with one another, however at the same time they began to complement each other as light and dark. And so they gave birth to the world of CHAOS and an unexpected existence.

Chaos grew to gain an ego, and became a threat to God. In turn, God attempted to destroy the Chaos. In order to do so he realized that he would have to destroy the roots of Chaos, Light and Dark. Eventually he decided to seal away Chaos.

Several Eons passed by in the battle to seal away Chaos. He succeded, but six shards fell away. This God had used up all his powers in the fight against Chaos. He lost to these six shards, and eventually he ended up as a mere onlooker.

The six shards of Chaos Fell into a deep sleep, and not until ages have gone by was the power of these shards found and now this world shall return to this time of Chaos. The one who will bring us all into True Chaos, with the appearance of Id.

All the pieces have come into place, all that remains is the awakening of this being!"