Grey is a one of the protogonists of the series and is a Swordmaster. He is one of the people of the initial party that wanders around with ID .


A human warrior with great physical strength who functions as the comic relief among the party.


Grey has a brash but has a forgiving nature thanks to the fact that his childhood friend Hael is traveling with him. It is shown that he cares a great deal for Hael as well as having great respect for Id's abilities. Grey constantly gets into fights with Reindelph but despite this Grey and Reindelph are the best of friends and occasionally have the same opinions.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He wants to get stronger so he isn't a burden on Id or the group.Grey later loses the sword but gains a new one from perser he also finally learns how to control his mana flow, and becomes a more competent fighter.

Skilled Swordsmanship:

Grey is a skilled swordsman that can handle himself in a fight.

Physical Strength and Endurance:

Grey is physically very strong, nearing the level of Id. He is also noted for how long he can last in fights, evidence of his strong constitution and body.

Mana Flow:

Grey has the ability to see the mana flow of anything involving mana, some of which, but not limited to, are spells, mana swords, and forms of mind control. Using this knowledge, he uses his proficient swordsmanship to cut the source of the mana, rendering the spell null.