Treasure HunterEdit

"Tresure Hunters go around the country trying to find and excavate great treasures. They search for and try to preserve artifacts such as the four heavenly swords and the forgotten sword of mythology. These weapons of ancient times were truly masterpieces called Siege Weapons; the Sacred Sword of the Lakeside City of Drain, the origin of life within the holy trees, the relics and treasures found on a distant faraway island, and the holy crystals that formed from the tears of Kahetel." - Percer on Tresure Hunters

Notable Treasure HuntersEdit

Spirit ConjurerEdit

Spirits are summoned through the magic of Spirit Conjurers. There seem to be many different types of spirits of many elements. The strongest spirits are called the Spirit Kings.

Summoning magic is calling upon nature itself through the elemental powers and mana of the spirit conjurer.

Each summoner has their own affinity to a certain element. However, a summoner can have an affinity to more than one element. (Irlina is able to summon both water and wind spirits.)

Notable Spirit ConjurersEdit

Raun FighterEdit

Raun Fighter are a specific class of Warrior profficent in Hand to hand combat and use mana to enhance their bodies and increase the effectiveness of their attacks, many also have their own special techniques they are typically big muscled Martial Artists and are usually scornful of Swordsman.

Notable Raun FightersEdit

  • Id
  • Bhakro


A mage is a magic user who chants spells in order to use magical abilities which require mana to activate, the higher the spell the more mana is required however a large amount of mana isn't an essential requirement though it does make things easier. Mages usually have magical objects about their person that increase their abilities such as their trademark magic staff. Mages have extremely low physical abilities as they focus more on the intellectual in order to better harness their magic.

Notable MagesEdit

Sword FightersEdit

Sword MastersEdit

Swordmasters are master swordsman who have gained the ability to use mana and thus magic and though more limited then a mage in what they can do they are considered the most formidable fighters on the Gressen continent, the highest level of Swordmaster is called Great Silver they are so strong that a single Great Silver can wipe out an army of 30,000 trained soldiers.

Notable Great SilversEdit

  • Procas but without Dispyle, Claymore's sword, he is just a sword master.
  • Duke Keisa