Cornum Bellephor is widely known as the Tracant of the Battlefield. He got his nickname for his left mechanical arm which is similar to that of a Tracant, a docile and calm mountain animal with one abnormally large front paw, that is said to be able to face off against larger foes when its bloodlust is awakened. Bellephor probably also got the nickname "Tracant" due to his attitude and battle skills. He is famous for single-handedly killing one thousand soldiers of the Borton Clan 10 years prior to the start of the manga, possibly during an internal conflict in Raailon involving Raailon's three great power holders, the empress, the Keisa Clan, and the Borton Clan.

Appearance Edit

Cornum has a muscular-build but his most distinguishing feature is his mechanical left arm.

Plot Edit

Cornum was introduced as MissMeira's bodyguard.

Powers/Abilities Edit

He is powerful and renowned swordsman.