Ashirijen, Ashijen (for short), is one of the Six Fragments of Chaos, the main group of antagonists within the chronicles.


A few years before Id comes to the world, Ashirijen and the other Fragments are freed from the Red Stone, at the cost of not having any memory of the past.

During the story (Arcs)Edit

(Ground Zero arc) Id first meets Ashirijen on “Ground Zero”, after he had been sent 10,000 years into the past. Here, Ashirijen and the other Fragments of Chaos lead a resistance against God.

During the climatic fight against God and his forces, Ashirijen uses all of her power and manages to open a hole in God's barrier for a short amount of time. Shortly after, she is killed and her soul is sealed within the Red Stone.

(arc) Later, Ashirijen is sent to stall Id. When confronting Id, she revealed Chaos' plot of having Percer attack Gaaila to Id, Selenia and Irlina. To escape, they tricked her into lower her wind wall.


She is the most like Id, she can be either serious or ditsy. Her apparent love interest is Chaos.

Physical descriptionEdit

She has the appearance of an elfoid with long black hair.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Agility.
  • ki/energy sensing and manipulation.
  • Magic: Teleportation, Flight/levitation, energy blast and materialization, barrier creation, presence tracking, dimensional manipulation and accessing (Can keep and drawing her weapons from there)
  • Elemental manipulation (So far she can manipulate flame and wind, the latter she boasted, was stronger than that of an elemental spirit king).
  • Powerful healing potion creation.


  • Magical bracelets
  • Spear
  • Large bow
  • Giant scythe

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